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The main process at this stage is: metal powder (iron powder,
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The company has independent mold design and product research and development capabilities, with the largest powder metallurgy production base in South Korea - Daehan Sintered Metal Co., Ltd.and Japan's Sumitomo Electric Sintered Alloy Co., Ltd.as technical support, using advanced quality testing equipment, can produce various High-performance, high-quality powder metallurgy parts.

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The main process at this stage is: metal powder (iron powder, alloy powder, non-ferrous metal powder, porcelain powder, etc.) → mixing → pressing → sintering → subsequent processing → finished product. Compared with conventional casting, forging, cutting and other mechanical manufacturing processes, its process has the characteristics of less (or no) cutting, material saving, energy saving, uniform quality, suitable for mass production, no environmental pollution, and low price. And can produce products with special properties and other processing technology that is difficult to guarantee production. It is an ideal substitute for some castings, forgings and machined parts.

        At present, in developed countries, such as the United States, Japan and other western countries, they attach great importance to the development of powder metallurgy technology. Powder metallurgy is widely used in automobiles and other fields, and has obtained rich returns. Automotive powder metallurgy parts are mostly used in engines, transmission systems, suspension systems, steering systems, braking systems and electrical instruments. Practice has proved that the economic benefits of automobiles after adopting powder metallurgy technology are significantly improved, and they have stronger technical and economic advantages than traditional manufacturing processes (such as cutting, casting, forging, etc.).

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