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Key Account Management Engineer
Key Account Management Engineer


Key Account Management Engineer 1000 — 3000
Department: Job
  • Shandong Province||Yantai City||Fushan District
  • No limit
  • Senior high school
  • Full time
  • 1 person
Description of position:

Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical or English, proficient in English, able to conduct daily communication; good inter-departmental communication skills; proactive, good logical thinking ability and display ability or good learning ability; proficient in Excel, PPT office software; Have working experience in the automotive industry or manufacturing industry, directly corresponding to the customer experience of auto parts is preferred. Work place: Yantai Development Zone


Welfare: Five insurances and one housing fund, accommodation, working meals, high temperature fee, heating fee, year-end bonus, festival fee, travel fee, negotiation fee, birthday fee, paid annual leave, employee physical examination, etc.


Enterprise contact: Ms. Liu       Tel:6937528    13220923061            E-mail:ydpm528@163.com

Company address: Shougang Industrial Park, No. 88, Jialingjiang Road, Yantai Development Zone (next to the West Bus Station)(Take bus 23, 26, 27, 29, 205, 206, 523 and get off at Shougang Dongxing Group Station)

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